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Thanks for your interest in joining this mailing list which is set up to provide up-to-date news regarding the release of The Friendly Orange Glow, a new book by Brian L. Dear that is nearing completion.  This is the first book ever to tell the complete story of the PLATO computer system and the people who built it and used it.   By the way, the only purpose for this mailing list is news about the book and events related to it.  Your email address will not be shared, sold, or given to any third parties.

Please note that the software managing this mailing list, MailChimp, has a habit of attaching a small VCard file to every email it sends out.  There's no way to disable this "feature".  Please do not be alarmed if the emails on this list have this attachment, it's normal and the VCard simply contains the mailing address of the PLATO History Project.

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